Don't Read The Last Page

I’m listening Taylor Swift’s Reputation album like many times. Listening it over, over and over again, but still can’t remember the lyrics, and yet sing along with not-the-right-pronounce, just wish you never heard me sing, I just ruined the song. At first “Don’t Blame Me” is my favorite song, I just like the music it feels dark but fun, really fits for Fifty Shades of Grey’s movie soundtrack, aye?

Then, I learn that “New Year’s Day” is more related to my story. My bittersweet song. I’m listening it on repeat all day long and suddenly realize it’s feels like I have the situation like in that song, it remind me the moment with someone. And I feel like want to change the lyric a little, and that will going to be ...

You hold my shirt when we’re going to enter the bus
I can tell that was the cutest thing ever you’ve done
I’ll be there if you’re back to the town babe
Or if you just tired to back home

Don’t read the last page
But I stay when it’s hard or it’s wrong or we’re making mistakes
I want your midnights
But I’ll be calm and listening all your story on the rest of your bad day

Hold on to the memories, they will hold on to you
And I will hold on to you

Please don’t ever become a stranger
Whose laugh I could recognize anywhere

I find the article that talking about New Year’s Day lyric meaning here, and damn! Just realize this song is really beautiful. 

This paragraph also describe me so well,

The bridge of “New Year’s Day” is about parting ways with someone one cares about. Taylor pleads, “Please don’t ever become a stranger / whose laugh I could recognize anywhere” because the thought of no longer intimately knowing this person is too much for her. Having to run into or interact with someone who used to know so much about her who still has the same laugh, the same characteristic, and yet none of intimacy, is too painful for her to think about.

Yes, indeed. If only I could tell him this, but …

But it’s better to have someone you’re a afraid to lose than to have no one at all. Really?

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